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My name is Edwin and I wish to welcome you to Buddha Statues Now. Please enjoy our world class Buddha statues depicting all the Buddhas and Buddhist deities in the Buddhist pantheon. Additionally, each Buddha statue and all of our Tibetan ritual items are 30-50% off plus free shipping worldwide. 

I proudly inform you that our Buddha statues are handmade original sculptures created by highly skilled traditional artisans. In addition to our wide selection of Dharma Buddha statues we offer hand crafted Tibetan ritual items. Each Buddha statue and ritual item was hand crafted using traditional means that was protected and passed down through the respected family caste.

As a result, these special skills have been protected and passed down for many generations. The Buddhist statue meaning is imbued with the theological teachings of the three primary Buddhist schools in combination with the cultural attributes of that geographical region.

Theological Origin of Buddha Statues

Our Dharma Buddha statues and ritual items were created by the same sculptors who have been supplying the local monasteries throughout antiquity. By employing traditional means our Buddha statues have the ability to transcend Buddha statue Amazon and Buddha statue Ebay. This is because all of our Buddha statues are handmade originals and they are not mass reproductions. Surely, the virtues of Buddha statues are best represented by high quality traditional production techniques. As a result, the different Buddha statues and Bodhisattvas are created within certain recognized guidelines.

These guidelines include the production techniques passed down through the family caste. However, the theological concepts are also highly respected and preserved. Such expectations have been passed down throughout antiquity and they set the guidelines for the physical features of our Buddha statues. Therefore, the design concepts trace their roots to the core Buddhist theological doctrine. The monastic quality is derived from both the intricate production techniques of the family caste in combination with the accepted Buddhist teachings. For many centuries our artisans have created traditional handmade Dharma Buddha statues which reflect long standing Buddhist ideology.

As a result, they feature the same hand crafted quality and attention to detail which has satisfied the demands of the Dalai Llamas and Tibetan kings for a thousand years. Indeed, the source of every Tibetan Buddha statue is Nepal. However, these high quality statues are also found outside of Tibet. When you visit monasteries throughout Asia, do not assume that Buddha statue India or Buddha statue Thailand was the source of production.

Karma Considerations of Buddha Statues

It is important to take karma into consideration when you are choosing a Buddha statue. How is this possible? Indeed, the most effective way to accumulate good karma is through wholesome acts or good deeds. Buddha statues encourage virtuous living, as a result devotees think wholesome thoughts and this results in wholesome actions (good karma).

But certainly, there are indirect considerations that many Buddhists in developed countries may not be aware of. For example, purchasing a high quality Buddha statue will help eliminate avarice which is a personal benefit. Additionally, these world class Buddha statues are created in regions of the world that suffer from endemic poverty. This is exasperated by political repression and natural disasters such as earthquakes. The money you spend will go far beyond face value and it can preserve a community’s heritage and create precious employment opportunities. The creation of handicrafts and Buddha sculptures is a very significant source of employment in countries such as Nepal. 

Through the purchase of Buddha statues it is also possible to alleviate political oppression. Indeed, the political struggle of the Dalai Llama can be brought into focus by the purchase of Tibetan Buddha statues. Tibetan religious leaders have been living in exile since 1959. Certainly, their struggle has been glamorized by celebrities and social media. Nonetheless, these efforts have fallen far short and Tibet is no closer to independence than it was 60 years ago. Surely, the most effective way to help Tibetan Buddhists overcome political repression is with the purchase of a Tibetan Buddha statue. As a result Buddhist virtue can be converted into personal virtue and the effects can literally be felt around the world.

Proper Placement of Buddha Statues

Respectful Buddha statue decor requires a few considerations for proper placement within the home. Generally speaking, Buddha statues should always be placed at least 2.5 feet above the floor. The best place for a Buddha statue is where it can be most easily appreciated. Ideally, it should be the first thing you see when you walk in the house. As a result, negativity is reflected back out the door and positive energy is encouraged to enter. Proper lighting is also important so as to enhance Buddha statue decor. As a result, the statue can be better observed and noticed. Additionally, the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are off limits for Buddha statues.

When I was traveling through Asia, one of the things I noticed at Buddhist temples and monasteries was that Buddha statues were always under cover. (An obvious exception is of course extremely large Buddha statues. Even so, they were always kept clean – moss, birds and fungus were kept away.) In fact, even when they were not inside an enclosure they were at least protected by an umbrella. This was not only for precious statues but also for Buddha statue stone.

It seems that there is no place for a Buddha statue garden at the locations of temples and monasteries. If so, why should there be one at your home? Additionally, outdoor Buddha statues I have observed in western countries are very often disrespectful. This is because they are caricatures which will disparage Buddhist virtue and create a negative environment. Therefore, a Buddha statue garden should be discouraged. However, if you do need an outdoor Buddha statue it should be placed under proper cover with adequate protection from the elements.

Important Buddha Statues Hand Positions

There are many different Buddhas and also Bodhisattvas. As a result, each Buddha statue has a different identity and meaning which is projected in different ways. The most significant aspect of Dharma Buddha statues around the world is the hand positions which they portray. More commonly referred to as “mudras” these Buddha statues hand positions will accurately reveal the identity of Buddha sculptures.

Obviously, it is very important to take this into consideration before completing your purchase. For example, some Buddhas are recognized in Pure Land Buddhism but not in Theravada Buddhist beliefs. However, the mudras will accurately reveal the identity because over time they have become associated with certain statues. Additionally, Tibetan Buddha statues may depict wrathful deities that are not recognized by other Buddhist schools.

Even variations of the same Bodhisattva statues reveal wide variations that were adopted as Buddhism crossed cultural boundaries. As a result, Buddhist deities in different cultures may be depicted as male in one geographical region and female in another. This is a rather perplexing aspect of Buddha statues history. However, it should be noted that the original virtues represented by the Buddha statue remain intact. For example, in Buddha statue China compassion is mostly considered a feminine attribute but Buddha statues in India consider compassion to be masculine. The result is a masculine statue in one country and a feminine statue in another, however the deity remains the same.

Additional fluctuations arise in Buddha statues history because certain Buddhist schools may consider a Bodhisattva to have already become a Buddha. However, other Buddhist schools may consider them to remain as a Bodhisattva. These variations are especially prominent as we compare Mahayana Buddhism with Tibetan Buddhism. Fortunately, these deviations are more simple in Theravada Buddhism because Bodhisattvas are less prominent.

Buddha Statues History and Origins

The origins of Buddha statues history is derived from the Buddhist texts. As a result, the emergence of a specific Buddha or Bodhisattva usually coincided with when they were first revealed in the writings. However, it is not quite that simple because Buddha statues history was passed on by oral tradition for the first 500 years. To complicate things further, the first Buddha sculptures did not give physical form to the Buddha. Instead, they relied heavily on the imagination of the observer. For example, the original Buddha statues stone were of an empty chair, riderless horse or footprint. Indeed, there was no anatomical features included in these initial sculptures. Buddhist scholars are still perplexed as to why they were depicted in this manner.

Indeed, evidence of the first Buddha statues history does not appear until the 2nd century A.C.E. Ironically, this is about 200 years after the Pali Canon was first put into writing. Included in the Pali Canon is a list of the “32 characteristics of a great man”. Thus, the original Buddha statues India were based on these anatomical assumptions. It is not surprising that the Buddha was associated with very with very flattering physical features.

Subsequent Buddhist texts were more commonly written down first and also passed on orally. As a result, the sculptures of the Buddhist deities they depict emerged at about the same time as the texts were completed. Throughout the history of Buddhism, traveling monks would carry small Dharma Buddha statues or paintings with them to lend authority to their teachings. The depictions of the Buddha or Bodhisattva would be prominently displayed behind the orator during his sermon. This practice is still commonly adhered to in modern times. 

About Buddha Statues Now

Buddha Statues Now is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore corporation – Go Global Corporation PTE. LTD. My inspiration for this website was a combination of 10 years of website development experience and 6 years traveling throughout Asia. While traveling in Asia I was awe inspired by the Buddhist sculptures and Buddhist temples. I endeavored to find the source of production that the Buddhist monasteries and temples used to procure their Buddha statues. I am very pleased to be able to offer the same high quality sculptures to my website visitors.

Having found the source of production, it is possible to procure the same high quality sculptures found in Buddhist temples. As a result, you can have the same monastic quality Buddha statues for personal use. We are dedicated to making these traditional Buddhist sculptures available to our customers worldwide. 

Allow me to eliminate the language barriers, excessive cost and travel logistics issues. Thanks to modern technology, you can shop for the best Buddha statues in the comfort of your own home. In addition to the product listings we also offer custom statue creation. Contact me for further details.

Please visit the website regularly because I am constantly seeking to improve our world class selection. As a result, new listings and replacements for sold out listings are frequently being added to the website. Additionally, I place the highest value in building mutual trust with both our customers and suppliers. Therefore, maintaining the trust of our customers and suppliers is my number one priority. Rest assured that my reputation will be developed with the high level of integrity, consistency and predictability of daily business operations. The foundation of our philosophy rests on the high quality of craftsmanship provided by our suppliers and 100% customer satisfaction.

Authenticity of Buddha Statues Guaranteed

All of our handmade Buddha statues and ritual items must pass inspection at the cultural ministry in Kathmandu before they can be shipped. This is a routine process and it only delays shipping by a few hours. However, it is imperative to ensure the high standards of statue production. Our satisfied customers can expect the certificate stamp from the cultural ministry to be included in the packaging when your statue arrives.

The high standards the ministry include both structural specifications and also theological specifications. All Buddha statues are required to meet the standards of the cultural ministry before they can proceed to customs. This preserves the cultural heritage of Nepal and ensures the status of world class Buddha statues can be protected. As a result, our Buddha statues are authentic and far superior to Buddha statue China and Buddha statue India.

Additionally, second hand Buddha statues may have a lower price but it is doubtful they have the authentic ministry certification. As a result, Buddha statue Ebay or Buddha statue Amazon may not be authentic. Unless they are shipped directly from Nepal the statue is probably a low cost replica. In order to procure a world class Buddha statue it is important to go to directly to the source.

Our Dharma Buddha statues are meant to last for many lifetimes and they can be passed down from generation to generation. Please check the authenticity of your purchase. It is possible to find information on a trusted Buddha statue wiki, but it is better to contact the cultural ministry directly if you have your doubts. Unfortunately, traditional metal casting is under pressure from low priced replicas. Please help keep the tradition of lost wax sculptures alive by only purchasing authentic statues.

Thank you and sincerely,