Dear Customers:

All of our items are 30-50% off and come with free international shipping. Please enjoy our wide selection of Buddha statues and Tibetan ritual items. If you have any questions contact me and I will be happy to assist.


My name is Edwin and I am the founding member and director of Go Global Corporation PTE. LTD. D.B.A. Buddha Statues Now. The inspiration for my Singapore corporation is a combination of my 10 years of website development experience and the 6 years that I spent traveling through Asia. During my travels in Asia I was awe inspired by the Buddhist sculptures and monuments. As a result, I am dedicated to making world class Buddha statues available to sculpture enthusiasts in Singapore and throughout Asia.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to eliminate the language barriers, excessive cost, travel and logistics issues that would be otherwise incurred by those who appreciate Asian culture. Buddha Statues Now is our flagship website and the focus of this website is predominantly Buddhist sculpture. Additionally, we are only interested in bringing the best Buddha statues to market.


We place the highest value in building mutual trust with both our customers and suppliers. Our trust and reputation will be developed by the honesty, integrity, consistency and predictability with which we operate our businesses. The foundation of our philosophy rests on the high quality of craftsmanship provided by our product suppliers. Only by building and cultivating our supplier relationships will we be able to make world class Asian sculptures available to our customers.