The Best Hand Made Buddha Statues

It is my objective to help you procure the best hand made Buddha statue in order to add inspiration, peace and tranquility to your home. The designs and quality of our Buddha statues are the same that are found in the most renown Buddhist temples around the world.

Furthermore, the selection of hand made Buddha statues in our gallery can accommodate the preference and budgets of anyone who is interested in religious sculpture. As a result, our selection consists of the entry level statue at a modest price to the most sophisticated Buddha statue.

We have also taken into account the different variations between Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhists. We endeavor to cater to the tastes of all Buddhist art collectors. Additionally, we offer a wide selection that we hope will satisfy all levels of practitioner. Therefore, classic Buddhas are not all we offer. Our selection is supplemented with world class bodhisattva statues and also ritual items. Come and see for yourself as you browse our Buddha statue gallery.

Gold Nepali Buddha Statues

Our gallery of gold Nepali Buddha statues enjoys an international reputation which has been developed over 1000 years. Nepal is the home of cast metal sculpting using the lost wax method. Indeed, it has become their national heritage. As a result, our selection of traditional hand made Nepali statues is world renown and it will meet the standards of the most sophisticated international art collector.

Our gallery of Nepali Buddha statues features identities that span the range of all Buddhist denominations. The appeal and design of these Buddha statues ranges from conservative to very progressive. Furthermore, they are hand crafted by the world’s best artisans who have practiced their traditional craft for many generations.

As a result, it is the Tibetan monasteries who have long provided the most demand for hand made Buddha statues from Nepal. Indeed the extravagance of Vajrayana Buddhist sculpture requires exquisite skill and detail. You can find the best Tibetan Buddha statue here in our wide selection of Oxidized copper multicolored and gold gilded statues.

Indian Brass Buddha Statues

It is a pleasure to supplement our line up with a wide selection of Indian Buddha statues. In contrast with the more venerable Nepali statues our Indian Buddha statues feature more modern designs and vibrant colors. As a result, our customers can enjoy the vibrant coral and turquoise coloration.

Many of these statues also feature intricate symbols engraved on the Buddha’s pedestal and robe. We also feature the more conservative designs such as the classic brass and bronze finish. Although some of our Indian Buddha statues feature the contemporary designs, the sculptors remained committed to the traditional mudras and poses.

This selection of hand made Buddha statues is created by skilled artisans who have been in the same profession for many generations. Our Indian supplier has been working with the same artisans for many years. As a result, we are able to supplement our product lineup with this high quality selection of Indian sculpture.

Ceramic Buddha Statues

Every ceramic Buddha statue that we have listed here is created with precision using highly skilled craftsmanship. Our ceramic Buddha statues feature designs that are based in Mahayana (Pure Land) Buddhist beliefs. Our skilled ceramic artisans are based in Fujian Province which is located in Southeastern China.

The raw materials used to fabricate the ceramic statues comes from special mines located in specific regions of China. The texture of the minerals is perfect to make a ceramic Buddha statue with unique whiteness and smoothness. It is then shaped with molds to get the rough silhouette before we put them into high temperature kiln ovens to dry, glaze and get strong.

Then we cool it down and begin the transformation of the Buddha statue with hand carved details. It’s all pure hard work for the detailed facial expressions and painting. Each ceramic Buddha statue is hand carved and hand painted, one by one. Our ceramic artisans have been practicing for years before mastering the proper skills. That’s what makes each ceramic Buddha statue unique as each one of them carries the artist’s work and sensibility.

What Is The Most Important Buddha Statue?

Shakyamuni Buddha (also known as Gautama Buddha) was the original Buddha, therefore statues of him are the most significant. The original Buddha walked the earth in the 6th century BCE. The specific birth date and date that the Buddha died are not certain, thus we only have approximations to go by. I have provided extensive details about the life of Shakyamuni in the product description of statues depicting him.

12.5" Gold Nepali Buddha Statue

12.5″ Gold Nepali Buddha Statue hand crafted by skilled artisans in Patan Nepal.

Why Do You Need A Buddha Statue?

There is some of confusion in the world about the use of Buddha sculptures. In Buddhism, a statue of the Buddha is not an object of worship. Instead it is a symbol that offers a sense of direction or a focus point for meditation.

A statue of their favorite deity can also be inspirational to devotees because it can inspire them with the Buddhist virtues that the statue represents. The objective for Buddhists is to follow the Dharma path to enlightenment. This does not entail worshiping a god which is the norm in Abrahamic religions. 

How Do You Know Its A Buddha Statue?

Unfortunately, it is very easy to get confused when selecting the right type of statue for home. Alas, there are many different variations and meanings. The most significant identity is of course the depiction of Gautama Buddha.

However, there are many, many different Buddhas and bodhisattvas that are portrayed as Buddha sculptures. Although some statues that are widely referred to as “Buddhas” are not actually Buddhas! The most common of these misperceptions surrounds a Chinese bodhisattva known as Budai.

Indeed, a statue of a bodhisattva is technically not a Buddha statue. This is because a bodhisattva is someone who has elected to delay their entry to Nirvana. This is on account of a personal vow to remain in the cycle of rebirth in order to assist sentient life. On the other hand, a Buddha has already become a fully enlightened being.

However, the definition gets slightly more complicated. This is because some bodhisattvas are considered to be fully enlightened Buddhas. It depends on which variation of Buddhism is practiced in that geographical area.