Buddha Statues Enhance Chi Energy

Include Buddha Statues In Feng Shui Design

The feng shui philosophy is based on living in harmony with nature. As a result, there are common sense elements that will make your home or meditation room more serene and peaceful. Common sense feng shui implementation would include enhancing natural lighting and open spaces.

Ironically, these things also enhance human happiness which leads to longer life and accumulation of wealth. However, there are more important metaphysical aspects which are created with feng shui Buddha statues and Tibetan auspicious symbols.

Indeed, the most important aspect of feng shui is the benefit which cannot be seen with the naked eye. This elusive element is positive energy, also known as “chi energy”. As such to encourage the flow of positive energy one must create a fertile ground in mind, body and speech.

Although enhancing living space (natural light, open space) are good, the more important benefits come from within. As a result, the sun will always shine on you but only if you think positive! Therefore, Buddha statues and auspicious symbols should be integral for a home design that encourages virtuous living.

Will Buddhist Virtue Increase Chi Energy?

This is an excellent question! The compassionate attributes associated with Buddhism will certainly create a positive ambience in the surrounding environment. This is at least as effective as increasing natural light and open space.

Feng Shui Buddha statues
Buddhists believe that negative energy contributes to physical suffering. This 8.5″ gold Nepali Medicine Buddha will create a healthy environment to stimulate chi energy.

Therefore, a properly placed feng shui Buddha statue will enhance the flow of chi energy throughout the home. This unimpeded flow of the chi “life force” is what brings peace and tranquility into the human environment. However, after you Buy the right Buddha statue I encourage you to be mindful of a few important considerations when positioning your statue.

Simple Feng Shui Implementation Rules

  1. The statue must be placed at least 2 1/2 feet above the ground on a table or cabinet.
  2. Place the Buddha statue so it is facing the front door, This will attract positive energy and repel the negative energy which is the source of evil.
  3. Never place the Buddha statue on the floor, in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.
  4. For placement in a study or home office ensure that the statue is placed in good light where it can be easily seen. This will encourage the flow of positive energy and enhance intellectual pursuits.
  5. Please use Feng Shui Buddha statues that include the entire body of the Buddha, not only the head or hand.
  6. Acquire your Buddha statue in a positive spirit and with confidence.
  7. Statue embellishments such as gold plating and precious stones can attract positive energy because of the self sacrifice made in procuring the statue.
  8. For meditation practice place the Buddha statue at eye level.

Feng Shui Buddha Statues Use Simple Magic

How do feng shui Buddha statues create chi energy? The answer to this is very simple – a positive attitude enhances positive energy. Therefore, when a person enters their home it is certainly beneficial to immediately see a Buddha statue which represents something very positive.

The appearance of the Buddha statue will reinforce your inner virtues that may have been stressed and weakened during the long day at work. Additionally, any negative thoughts that you are bringing with you will be met with immediate resistance.

Since the Buddha is strongly associated with wholesome attributes this will be projected on anyone who has eye contact with a properly situated Buddha statue. The result is that evil thoughts are repelled and reflected back out the door while positive energy is encouraged!

feng shui buddha statue - white tara
Our 9″ White Tara Statue is also known as “7 eyes”. The purpose of 7 eyes is to ensure all her thoughts and actions are insightful and virtuous. If placed at the entrance of your home White Tara will repel evil and encourage virtue in all who enter.

Proven Effectiveness Of Feng Shui Buddha Statues

Advocates of feng shui encourage the use of large Buddha statues. As a result, the flow of chi energy is amplified accordingly. Evidence exists to this effect in the Leshan Buddha statue which was originally constructed in ancient China.

However, it is not certain if the architect of the project had feng shui specifically in mind from the outset. Fortunately, intentional implementation of feng shui is not necessary to receive the benefits.

The Enormous Benefits of Feng Shui

The mastermind behind the construction of the Leshan Buddha was a monk named Hai Tong. Hai Tong was full of positive energy and confidence when he set out to build the biggest Buddha sculpture in the known world. Additionally, his primary motive was compassion for the sailors navigating China’s treacherous inland waterways.

For centuries, many sailors were killed and many ships were destroyed while sailing through the rough waters that existed at the confluence of 3 large rivers. Therefore, Hai Tong decided his feng shui Buddha statue would be carved into the huge cliff facing the junction of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers located in southern Sichuan Province China.

Large Feng Shui Buddha Statue
Leshan Giant Buddha

Construction of the Leshan statue began in 713 ACE and it was finally completed in 803 ACE. As a result of the construction, tons and tons of rubble were deposited onto the river bottom and it altered it’s flow. The ultimate effect was to calm the rough water and make passage safe for the sailors and their vessels.

The calm waters still exist over 1200 years after construction was completed. As a result, it is strong evidence that a Buddha statue will enhance the flow of positive energy. Certainly, prolific evidence such as the Leshan Buddha statue must make sceptics think twice!

Tibetan Auspicious Symbols for Feng Shui

Using Buddhist virtue to effectively enhance Feng Shui is not exclusive to Buddha statues. Other accessories such as a Set of Eight Auspicious Symbols can be highly complementary to feng shui Buddha statues.

Each auspicious symbol represents an important Buddhist virtue. The eight symbols are white parasol, right turning conch shell, golden fish, endless knot, victory banner, treasure vase, lotus flower and the golden wheel. Properly place each symbol in its feng shui location throughout your home to propel the strong flow of chi energy.

Tibetan Auspicious Symbols for Feng Shui
Hand Painted Tibetan Auspicious Symbols

World Class Feng Shui Buddha Statues

If you found this post interesting please continue to browse our selection of world class Buddha statues and Tibetan ritual items. Each item was hand crafted by a master craftsman who has developed their skills over many generations. As a result, when you purchase one of our statues or ritual items you can rest assured you have purchased monastic quality Tibetan art.

Each feng shui Buddha statue features traditional mudras and poses which will enhance the flow of chi energy throughout your home. Please contact me if you have any questions about implementation.

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