Dear Customers and Suppliers

Dear Customers and Suppliers:

All of our items are 30-50% off and come with free international shipping. Please enjoy our wide selection of Buddha sculptures and Tibetan ritual items. If you have any questions contact me and I will be happy to assist.


My name is Edwin and I am the founding member and director of Go Global Corporation PTE. LTD. D.B.A. Buddha Statues Now. The inspiration for my corporation is a combination of my 10 years of website development experience and the 6 years that I spent traveling through Asia. During my travels in Asia I was awe inspired by the Buddhist sculptures and monuments. As a result, I am dedicated to making world class Buddha statues available to international consumers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to eliminate the language barriers, excessive cost, travel and logistics issues that would be otherwise incurred by those who appreciate Asian culture. Buddha Statues Now is our flagship website and the focus of this website is predominantly Buddhist sculpture. Additionally, we are only interested in bringing the best Buddha statues to market.


We place the highest value in building mutual trust with both our customers and suppliers. Our trust and reputation will be developed by the honesty, integrity, consistency and predictability with which we operate our businesses. The foundation of our philosophy rests on the high quality of craftsmanship provided by our product suppliers. Only by building and cultivating our supplier relationships will we be able to bring world class Asian products to the international community.


Our vision is to expand our current business operations and develop additional key niche products and markets. The focus of Buddha Statues Now is on unique Buddha sculpture that can be marketed online and sold to consumers worldwide. Additionally, we intend to expand beyond the traditional western markets for these products.

Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new suppliers who can add quality sculptures to our product selection. Additionally, we focus on precious materials that are used in the production process. Currently our product selection from Nepal is produced using copper alloy that is gilded with 24 karat gold.

I am determined to add new unique products to our product selection. Some of the new suppliers that my company is considering offer high quality Buddhist sculpture that is carved into precious stone such as jadeite, high quality nephrite jade and red coral. Our purview also includes but is not limited to antique Buddhist sculpture. These products will make fantastic additions to our selection and are well suited to fit into our website theme. I am very excited about the potential of these new products and suppliers.

Supplier Qualification

It is imperative that we only enter into business relationships with high quality suppliers. Therefore, we are determined to follow the same model we implemented with our supplier of Nepalese sculpture.

The production of Nepali Buddha statues is ideally suited for the online marketplace. Our local supplier in Nepal has developed solid relationships with the local artisans over the last 40 years. As a result of these finely cultivated business relationships they have derived a unique top quality selection of cast metal Buddhist sculpture. This world class product selection consists of the best Buddha statues that are produced in the Kathmandu Valley. 

Additionally, the history of Nepalese sculpture craft has been developed since the 7th century. For centuries, Nepalese Buddha statues have been highly sought after by monasteries, Buddhist devotees and international art collectors. The high quality of their craftsmanship is world renown and it has been passed down through the generations. The lost wax production method is still used by the local artisans just like it was when it originated in the 7th century. Additionally, the 3 metal sculpting family castes are still the Shakya, Tamrakar and Swarnakar clans. These are the same caste families that have developed and protected the lost wax sculpting method for over 1000 years.

New Suppliers

The standards set by the artisans of Nepal are indeed a tough act to follow! However, we are optimistic about cultivating additional relationships with the suppliers of the best Buddhist sculptures that are located in Burma, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan. The craftsmanship of their products has been developed over centuries and they use only the best production materials for their sculptures. As a result, the Buddha sculptures that I have seen in their showrooms are the best in the world. Additionally, these new suppliers will allow me expand our product selection with Buddha statues depicting venerable figures such as reclining Buddha, walking Buddha, Budai (Happy Buddha) and also Quan Yin.