Bodhisattva Statues

A Bodhisattva statue are possibly the most unique and diverse form of Buddhist sculpture. As Buddhism spread eastwards out of India, Bodhisattvas took on many new creative appearances to suit the local cultures. Each Bodhisattva statue for sale is hand crafted in Patan, Nepal by the same artisans who have been supplying the Tibetan monasteries for many centuries. Therefore, you can rest assured that a Bodhisattva statue purchased here is of the best monastic quality. Technically speaking, Bodhisattva statues are exclusive from Buddha statues and they are not the same as a fully fledged Buddha. The statues listed in this category are generally agreed to be exclusively Bodhisattva statues. However, the interpretation of the deity can fluctuate depending on the location. Additionally, Bodhisattvas can take many different forms including both male or female. Their depictions can vary widely depending on the location and school of Buddhism which is followed. Please view our full selection of Bodhisattva statues for sale below.

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