Bodhisattva Statues

Bodhisattva Statues

A Bodhisattva statue is possibly the most unique and diverse form of Buddhist sculpture. As Buddhism spread eastwards out of India, Bodhisattva statues took on many new original embodiments. This is especially true in Tibet. As a result, our collection of Tibetan Bodhisattva statues are extravagant and very diverse.

Additionally, our Bodhisattva statues are hand crafted in Patan, Nepal by the same artisans who have been supplying the Tibetan monasteries for many centuries. Therefore, you can rest assured that a Bodhisattva statue purchased in our store is of monastic quality.

A bodhisattva has reached the highest level of achievement in the practice of Buddhism. However, in a gesture of overwhelming compassion they have chosen to forgo enlightenment. This noble gesture has resulted in many bodhisattvas being enshrined in the Buddhist pantheon. The Bodhisattva is not the same as a fully fledged Buddha, although at some point all Buddhas were once Bodhisattvas. As a result, some Bodhisattvas are commonly mistaken for Buddhas. However, all of the statues listed here in the is category are generally agreed to be exclusively bodhisattva statues.

Bodhisattva’s can take on the form of either male or female depending on the country of origination. Please view our full selection below.

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