Bodhisattva Statues

As Buddhism spread eastwards out of India, the classic Bodhisattva statues were transformed and took on the new images they were prescribed. Most profound, is the new image that Avalokitesvara received as the renown Bodhisattva encountered new cultures and interpretations of Buddhism in East Asia. As a result, Bodhisattva statues such as Chenrezig, Guanyin and Lokesvara transformed the classic Avalokitesvara into a different form of art. Bodhisattva statues such as Chenrezig and Guanyin could take on many different forms, some having 4 arms and some a thousand! Different associations and attributes were also prescribed to the new deities such as fertility (Guanyin). Additionally, Tara evolved from a teardrop of Avalokitesvara and emanated into many different statue creations. The statues could take on the form of either male or female depending on the country of origination.

Our craftsman have obtained their caste knowledge from their ancestors who have passed it down for many centuries. We endeavor to provide access to the best sculptors in the world. Therefore, we have listed what we consider to be a compilation of the best Bodhisattva statues. Please continue to monitor the page as we will be adding new discoveries as they become available.


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