Indian Buddha Statues

Our selection of Indian Buddha statues is procured from throughout India.The featured designs of our Indian Buddha statues are modern with traditional Buddhist mudras, poses and identities. The coral and turquoise coloration of some statues is complemented with unique engravings not found on traditional statues. However, other statues remain true to the traditional aspects such as brass and antique finish.

The craftsman who make our Indian statues rely on traditional casting methods. All of the fine features on the statues are hand crafted after the casting process is complete. Every stone ornament and engraving is implemented by a artisan who is a descendant of a caste who has been sculpting Indian Buddha statues for many generations. 

In order to provide the best selection of Indian Buddha statues we have partnered with a family run firm based in New Delhi. This venerable organization has been dealing with the local artisans who make them for over 20 years. Therefore, they have built relationships with sculptors throughout India. As a result, our website includes the best selection of Indian style brass Buddha statues worldwide. 

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