What are Buddha Sculptures?

Buddha sculptures are distinct from Bodhisattvas. Although in the 3 main schools of Buddhism there is a little bit of overlap, Buddhas are still Buddhas. Generally speaking, the word Buddha means “enlightened one”. The implications are that the Buddha is an enlightened being who has risen above the sea of suffering and permanently vanquished ignorance. So technically speaking, Buddha sculptures feature Buddhas.

The original Buddha of our time was known as Shakyamuni. However, there were many, many Buddhas before him and there will be many more in the future. The original Buddha is the founding father of the original school of Buddhism known as the Dharma. This is the original teachings of the Buddha which is now called the Theravada school (originally known as Hinayana).   

Additionally, there are several other Buddhas that have become prominent in the different schools of Buddhism. For example, Amitabha Buddha and Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine Buddha). These Buddha sculptures are very important figures in Mahayana and Pure Land Buddhism. These Buddhas typically have distinct mudras that are depicted by their Buddha sculptures which can be used to identify them.

All of our Buddha sculptures were hand crafted with intricate detail by highly skilled artisans. Our sculptors are based in Asia and they have been using techniques that have been passed down through many generations. Therefore, when you buy one of our sculptures you can rest assured that you are purchasing a monastic quality statue.

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