Ceramic Buddha Statues

 Ceramic Buddha Statues for Sale

All the ceramic Buddha statues that we have listed here are created with precision using highly skilled craftsmanship. Our ceramic Buddha statues feature designs that are based in Mahayana (Pure Land) Buddhist beliefs. Our skilled ceramic artisans are based in Fujian Province which is located in Southeastern China. The raw materials used to fabricate the ceramic Buddha statue white comes from special mines located in specific regions of China. As a result, the texture of the minerals is perfect to make ceramic Buddha statues with unique whiteness and smoothness. It is then shaped with molds to get the rough silhouette before we put them into high temperature kiln ovens to dry, glaze and get strong.

After the statue is kiln fired, the details are nearly finished. Then we cool it down and begin the transformation of the Buddha statue with hand carved details. It’s all pure hard work for the detailed facial expressions and painting. Each of our ceramic Buddha statues is special because they are hand carved and hand painted, one by one. Therefore, each statue is an original sculpture. Additionally, our ceramic artisans have been practicing for years before mastering the proper skills. That’s what makes each ceramic Buddha statue unique as each one of them carries the artist’s work and sensibility.

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