Fully Gold Gilded Statues

All of these Fully Gold Gilded Buddha statues and bodhisattva statues are hand crafted in Patan, Nepal using the traditional lost wax method. Additionally, our statues contain copper alloy and are gilded with 24 karat gold. For generations the metal working castes of Patan have passed on closely held secrets about the manufacturing techniques which they hold dear. As a result, we can still offer the highest quality statues which are made with monastic quality standards. Furthermore, the Patan manufacturing center has been the origin of many of the statues which are contained in the Tibetan monasteries. For limited time all of our Nepalese cast metal statues are on sale and come with free international shipping. 

At Buddha Statues Now we are committed to ensure that our customers receive the world’s highest quality statues delivered to them for the best price available. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. All Buddha statues and bodhisattva statues come with free international shipping and we offer wholesale pricing to those who wish to purchase in bulk quantities.


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