Gold Gilded Buddha Statues

Gold Buddha Statues

Please view our complete selection of gold Buddha statues made in Patan, Nepal. We have a broad selection that will satisfy the tastes of Buddhist art collectors worldwide. Additionally, we offer deep discount pricing because we source the statues directly from the manufacturer in Nepal. The gold Buddha statues will never tarnish and will retain their golden luster indefinitely.

Our gold Buddha statues are created by the Shakya caste. This Nepali metal working caste has specialized in gold gilded sculptures for many centuries. Additionally, the Shakya use the traditional lost wax method to shape their sculptures. Then the intricate designs and gold gilding is hand crafted as the final stage in creation. As a result, you have the opportunity to procure a world class hand made gold Buddha statue. Each statue is an original creation that will last many lifetimes. The Shakya are the same artisans who have supplied the Tibetan monasteries with gold Buddha statues throughout antiquity. Therefore, you can rest assured you are buying a world class statue. 

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