Nepali Statues

Nepali Buddha Statues

View our entire selection of hand crafted Nepali Buddha statues. We offer a world class selection of fully gilded, partly gilded and oxidized copper statues. The statues in this category are sourced directly from Nepal. As a result, the artisans who make them are the same sculptors who have been supplying the Tibetan monasteries for many years.

Additionally, our selection features all the traditional Buddhas plus the Tibetan deities which are the specialty of the Nepali sculptors. Our source in Nepal has been working with these same sculptors for over 40 years. As a result, we are able to provide a world class selection of Nepali Buddha statues at the best prices available.

All of our Nepali Buddha statues are created using the lost wax method. The sculpting process begins by sculpting the figure in wax with fine details. Next, the wax sculpture is coated with clay and melted. As a result, the fine details are then preserved in metal form and gilded in gold or oxidized. The sculptors in Patan, Nepal have been making the world’s best Buddha Statues for over 1000 years. As a result, when you buy a Nepali Buddha statue from us you can rest assured it is a monastic quality statue.    

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