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Limited Edition Buddha Statues

Our limited edition Buddha statues are crafted by the master artisans of Patan, Nepal. The limited availability is a characteristic of their unique hand crafted sculpting technique.

For over 1000 years the Nepali sculptors have been perfecting the lost wax sculpting method. As a result, each statue is an original. This is because when the statue is sold there is not a reusable mold to create a new statue. Therefore, the wax sculpture must be recreated by hand and encased in a disposable clay mold. After the statue is cast, the mold is broken and the statue is a unique high quality original. There is no easy way to recreate the original because each limited edition Buddha statue is created from scratch.

Although this may result in a slight inconvenience, the benefit is that all of our customers who purchase a limited edition Buddha statue have a original sculpture. Those who appreciate fine Buddhist sculpture can appreciate the high quality craftsmanship and also it’s very unique nature. 

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