Tibetan Ritual Items

Our selection of  Tibetan ritual items will enhance your Buddhist practice and supplement your meditation room or Buddhist altar. These ritual items fit well within the theme of our high quality Buddha statues. As a result, we have decided to list them here so you can made due considerations.

This selection of Tibetan ritual items are the same types of tools that have been used for centuries in monasteries throughout Asia. But that does not mean they are only for use in monasteries by monks. Our high quality ritual items can enhance your own personal practice and improve your knowledge of Buddhist rituals.

Additionally, our Buddhist ritual items represent the same virtues that are imbued in our Buddha statues. Therefore, it is possible to acquire the inspiration and energy to proceed with practicing Buddhism.  This selection is hand picked from the best of Tibetan Buddhist artwork. These ritual items are made by skilled artisans that lavishly decorate their work with fine detail. Please view and enjoy our selection of auspicious symbols, vajras, bells, singing bowls, bhumpas and much more.

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