Tibetan Thangkas

Tibetan Thangkas for Sale

Tibetan Thangkas have their roots in cave paintings depicting the teachings of the original Buddha. The types of thangka depictions include Tibetan gurus, the “Wheel of Life”, notable Bodhisattvas, deities and mandalas. These ancient Tibetan thangkas were also painted on monastery walls to serve as the central focus of meditation practice.

Originally, creation of the Buddhist thangka paintings was reserved for monks who were not chosen for their artistic skill, but instead for their spiritual reputation. The individual who commissioned the painting was responsible for providing all the valuables such as the 24k gold used for detailing. Additionally, payment for production of a Tibetan Thangka was considered a gift, not a payment. Therefore, creation of the Thangka painting was a wholesome deed and the gift would pass merit to the commissioner.

However, in modern times Tibetan Thangkas can be created by professional artists who were trained by qualified monks. As a result, devotees can procure a world class handmade original thangka to supplement their Buddhist altar. This will encourage the pursuit of their spiritual realization and enhance dedication. Indeed, the “gift” given for the production of a Tibetan Thangka is considered meritorious if respectfully made. Please enjoy our Tibetan Thangka gallery seen below.

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