Antique Buddha Statues

Antique Buddha Statues for Sale

We have an excellent selection of Antique Buddha statues made in Patan, Nepal. Each statue features a copper alloy base which is very similar to antique Buddha bronze finish. Additionally, our antique Buddha statues feature a partly gilded and fully gold gilded finish. However, gold gilding does not make the most expensive Buddha statue. Indeed the prices remain competitive and the amount of gold used is rather small. However, antique Buddha statues that are gilded in 24 karat gold will remain tarnish free for their entire shelf life, which is indefinite. 

Each antique Buddha statue is handmade in Nepal using the lost wax sculpting method. The artisans in Patan have been the preferred source of Buddha statues for the Tibetan monasteries for many centuries. This time tested craftsmanship sets our statues apart from antique statues for sale in India. All of our antique statues are on sale now for limited time only with free shipping worldwide. We have all of the most venerable Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on display in our gallery.

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