Aparmita Buddha Statues

World Class Aparmita Buddha Statues

Aparmita Buddha is the Sambhogakaya an embodiment of Amitabha’s longevity attribute. Our Aparmita Buddha statues are sculpted in full lotus pose with the “nectar of immortality” in a vessel on his lap.
Aparmita is a highly venerated figure in Tibetan Buddhism and they practice longevity rituals centered around Aparmita statues. During the rituals the nectar in the vessel is substituted with wine and consecrated. In the hopes of prolonging life, the wine is then shared among devotees who are attending the ritual.

Additionally, Aparmita statues which are used in the Tibetan monasteries are hand crafted by the same artisans who have created these Aparmita Buddha statues. As a result, when you purchase one of our Aparmita statues you can rest assured that is was created by the world’s best craftsmen. For a limited time only, all of our Nepali statues are on sale and come with free international shipping.

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