Auspicious Symbols

Eight Tibetan Auspicious Symbols

The eight Tibetan auspicious symbols each represent an important element of Buddhism. The eight symbols are the victory banner (dhvaja), golden fish, golden wheel (Dharma wheel), endless knot, lotus flower, conch shell, treasure vase (bumpa) and the white umbrella or parasol.

Each of these eight symbols stands for an important Buddhist virtue that is also combined with anecdotes and historical events. Additionally, they are used for Buddhist rituals and also for important ceremonies such as the coronation of kings in ancient India and other Buddhist countries. 

Tibetans have identified eight Buddhist symbols which they believe are most significant. As a result these symbols can be found in private homes, public buildings and also adornments on Tibetan monasteries. Our set of eight Tibetan auspicious symbols are crafted by skilled artisans who have portrayed these Tibetan symbols with intricate detail. Our complete selection includes gold plated, hand painted, brass and also copper symbols.

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