World Class Avalokitesvara Statues

View our world class selection of Avalokitesvara statues. Avalokitesvara is the most renown bodhisattva who has been labeled as the “bodhisattva of compassion”. This is because Avalokitesvara is believed to hold the compassion of all of the Buddhas.

There is a wide diversity of Avalokitesvara statues because the embodiment can change forms depending on the specific geographical location. As a result, Avalokitesvara can be depicted as male or female. This is because compassion is viewed as a feminine attribute in some countries (China) and a masculine attribute in other countries (Tibet). 

Additional unique attributes of Avalokitesvara statues are the many heads and many arms. This unique feature is due to the immense level of compassion that Avalokitesvara has for sentient beings. As a result, the deity imploded at one time long ago. Fortunately, assistance was available and the bodhisattva was reconstructed with many arms and heads. The purpose of this is so Avalokitesvara can see and hear the suffering of sentient life and also provide more efficient assistance with additional arms. 

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