Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine Buddha)

Our Bhaisajyaguru is a more esoteric name for Medicine Buddha. However, the representation of the virtues and attributes that are depicted by a Bhaisajyaguru statue are the same that are found in the Medicine Buddhas. As a result, the 7 Medicine Buddhas that reside in the Lapis Jewel Pure land will inspire devotees to continue their dedication and practice. Living the virtuous and healthy life will result from following the precepts and the practice of meditation. All Bhaisajyaguru statues are sculpted with intricate precision shown with the myrobalan plant and the bowl of Lapis nectar. The preemptive medicine offered by Buddhist teachings will be the most effective for prosperity and a long life. Our Bhaisajyaguru statue beckons all to join him in his pure land.

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