Earth Touching Buddha

Earth Touching Buddha Statues

Our world class selection of Earth Touching Buddha statues feature Shakyamuni Buddha using the classic earth touching or “Bhumisparsha” mudra. As a result, they are commonly referred to as earth touching Buddha statues.

The earth touching (Bhumisparsha) mudra was used by Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) as he was meditating under the Bodhi tree on the verge of enlightenment. However, as he was preparing to enter Nirvana he was confronted by the evil demon Mara (defilements). Mara tried to tempt Siddhartha with earthly pleasures to distract him from his goal. However, the demon Mara was not successful and Siddhartha became the first enlightened being of our time.

At the time that Mara was permanently vanquished, Siddhartha used the earth touching mudra to call the Earth Goddess to witness the defeat of Mara. As an enlightened being he also became known as Shakyamuni Buddha thereafter. As a result, all earth touching Buddha statues are attributed to Shakyamuni Buddha.

Our Earth Touching Buddha statues are shown with the right hand draped over the right knee with the palm facing inwards and the fingers lightly touching the ground. Additionally, the left hand is flat in the lap with palm facing upwards in the meditation mudra. Also, the left hand is usually depicted holding a small alms bowl.

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