Green Tara

World Class Green Tara Statues

View our complete selection of Green Tara statues. Green Tara is known as the “Mother of Liberation”. She encourages devotees to free themselves from the dogmatism that traps sentient life in samsara. 

The color green is associated with speed and agility. Therefore, Green Tara is depicted with her right leg partially extended so she is always prepared to come to the assistance of sentient life. However, the left leg of a Green Tara statue is typically drawn in to symbolize meditative contemplation.

Green Tara is usually depicted with two lotus flowers growing over her shoulders. However, one of them remains unopened to entice devotees with the rewards that await for them should they practice diligently. Additionally, all of our Green Tara statues are adorned with the intricately carved crown and jewels of the bodhisattva.

All the aspects of our Green Tara statues were carved with intricate precision by the craftsmen in Patan Nepal. The Nepali sculptors have been in the business for many centuries. As a result, we are able to offer world renown monastic quality statues for sale.

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