Kuan Yin Statues

Ceramic Kuan Yin Statues for Sale

Each ceramic Kuan Yin statue was hand crafted by world class artisans in Dehua county, Fujian Province China. These artisans have been crafting handmade ceramic Kuan Yin statues for many generations. Therefore, when you purchase a special Kuan Yin statue you can rest assured you have procured a world class ceramic sculpture. Additionally, each statue is made with the special clay mineral called kaolin. This mineral is mined locally in special mining regions. As a result, our statues are imbued with a special whiteness that is unique to Chinese sculpture from Fujian province. We offer a wide selection of white ceramic Kuan Yin statues and also painted statues. We also offer Kuan Yin with child and dragon. Our website offers high quality Kuan Yin statues for sale in SE Asia and worldwide, with free shipping.

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