Guanyin Statues (Avalokitesvara)

Ceramic Guanyin Statues

The history of Guanyin lies in the evolution of Avalokitesvara as Buddhism spread eastwards out of India. When encountering new cultures, Guanyin statues began to recognize the cultural beliefs associated with that geography. For example, traditionally a Guanyin statue (Avalokitesvara) was depicted as male. However, in Singapore, China, South Korea and Japan Guanyin statues are indeed female.

This change in appearance did not alter the Guanyin statue meaning, only the appearance. Additionally, Guanyin is known as the “Goddess of Mercy” because she is believed to hear the cries of the world. However, Guanyin is an incarnation of Avalokitesvara who is known as the “Bodhisattva of Compassion”. Very similar meaning, don’t you agree? Indeed, Guanyin is one of the most venerable figures in Buddhism who is known and loved throughout Asia and worldwide.

All of our Guanyin statues are hand crafted by world class artisans who have been in the business for many generations. We offer a wide selection of white ceramic statues and also painted statues. We also offer Guanyin with child and dragon.

Additionally, the special minerals that are needed to create an elegant white ceramic Guanyin statue are found only in special mining regions in China. Our Singapore company offers high quality ceramic Guanyin statues for sale in Singapore and worldwide, with free shipping.

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