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The Manjushri story originates in the Prajnaparamita Sutta and he is a well respected member of the Buddhist pantheon. Most Manjushri statues portray him wielding the sword of wisdom over his right shoulder. This is because the concept of wisdom is integral to the Manjushri meaning. The Sanskrit interpretation of the Manjushri meaning translates as “gentle glory” in English. Therefore, his sword represents the gentle annihilation of ignorance and the triumph of light over darkness.

Manjushri resides in his pure land of Vimala which devotees believe is located on Mt Wutai in northeast China. Although Manjushri is a renown Bodhisattva his pure land will be the most sought after when he becomes Manjushri Buddha. Devotees can recite the Manjushri mantra “Om arapacana dhih” in order to receive mundane wisdom. However, the Manjushri meaning includes higher pursuits of supramundane wisdom using diligent meditation practice. All of our Manjushri statues were handmade by the artisans of Patan, Nepal using the traditional lost wax method. As a result, all Manjushri statues for sale will include the precise details that are included in the ancient Manjushri meaning. Each Manjushri statue is on sale now with free shipping worldwide.  

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