Meditation Buddha

The Best Meditation Buddha Statues

Our meditation Buddha statues are depicting the meditation or “Dhyana” mudra. This important mudra is presented with both hands lying flat in the lap.
The right hand is placed on top of the left hand and both palms are facing upwards. The hands are placed in this manner to enhance the practice of meditation. Additionally, our Meditation Buddhas are seated in full lotus pose. 

Our meditation Buddha statues are also depicted with an alms bowl that is resting in the palm of the right hand. The alms bowl held by the Meditation Buddha is believed to be filled with the 3 nectars that will eliminate the 3 poisons – ignorance, hatred and attachment. However, these nectars can only be accumulated by devotees through the accumulation of morality, concentration and wisdom.

We offer a wide variety of Meditation Buddhas that are crafted by world class artisans. Additionally, the skills with which our artisans practice their craft has been passed down for many generations. As a result, you can procure a world class Buddha statue for your home.

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