Protection Buddha

World Class Protection Buddha Statues

Protection Buddha statues are always shown depicting the protection or “Abhaya” mudra. This classic Buddhist mudra is depicted with the right hand held chest high and the palm facing forward. The Abhaya mudra depicted in this manner inspires fearlessness and protection for devotees.

The origins of the protection mudra are attributed to Shakyamuni Buddha. The event that the mudra is derived from occurred one day in ancient India as he was walking in the elephant forest. As Shakyamuni and some others were walking they were charged by an enraged elephant. However, Shakyamuni reacted calmly by holding his right hand in the manner of the protection mudra. As a result, the attack was abated and he had saved his own life along with the lives of several others. For this reason statues that are crafted in this manner are known as Protection Buddha statues.

Our protection Buddha statues are hand crafted by highly skilled artisans who have been practicing their trade for many generations. This allows devotees to procure a classic Protection Buddha statue statue that will provide a longstanding source of inspiration.

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