Pure Land Trinity

Pure Land Buddhism Trinity Statue Set

There are 3 Buddha statues that form the Pure Land Buddhism Trinity. Additionally, the statues are placed in sequence with Amitabha Buddha in the middle, the Guanyin statue on the left and a Mahasthamaprapta statue on the right. 

We offer the Pure Land Buddhism Trinity as a set of three statues. The symbolism of the statues is based on Pure Land Buddhist beliefs. As a result, Guanyin enacts the compassion of Amitabha and Mahasthamaprapta symbolizes the power of Amitabha’s wisdom. Additionally, Amitabha is the central figure in the Pure land Buddhism Trinity. He is also the central figure in the practice of Pure Land Buddhism. Devotees believe that by reciting his name and mantra they will gain admittance to his western pure land of Sukhavati.

Our Pure Land Buddhism Statue set was hand made by our highly skilled artisans. They have been practicing their special skills for many generations. As a result, when you purchase this set of statues you can rest assured that they are of world class quality and craftsmanship.

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