Reclining Buddha

The Best Reclining Buddha Statues

The Buddha is in a reclining position because he is depicted in his last few moments of life. Reclining Buddha statues always depict the Buddha lying on his right side. Additionally, his head is either lying on the pillow or resting on his hand which is propped up by the elbow.

The Buddha had become an enlightened being 45 years previously and he was preparing to enter the state of parinirvana. Shakyamuni Buddha is the first sentient being in our time to achieve enlightenment. Although the Buddha could have entered Nirvana at the time he became enlightened, he did not. Instead, out of his great compassion he stayed to teach sentient life the Dharma path. As a tribute to his personal achievements and tremendous compassion for all sentient life, a reclining Buddha statue is always a depiction of Shakyamuni Buddha.

All of our reclining Buddha statues are featured with intricate designs and different sizes to suit available space. All of our Buddha statues were sculpted by world renown artisans who have been practicing their craft for many generations.

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