Shakyamuni Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha Statues for Sale

We proudly offer a wide selection of Shakyamuni Buddha statues that will provide devotees with a long standing source of inspiration. The Shakyamuni Buddha meaning translates as “the one who is capable.” Additionally, the Shakyamuni Buddha meaning includes being recognized by all Buddhists as the original Buddha of our time. Essentially all Shakyamuni Buddha statues are a form of the limited Theravada Buddha statue. This is because Theravada Buddhism does not recognize Buddhist deities or Buddhist gods. Theoretically, Shakyamuni statues represent the only version of a Theravada Buddha statue. Nonetheless, Shakyamuni Buddha is venerated by all denominations of Buddhist faith. Our Shakyamuni Buddha statues offer a depiction of the original Buddha using two of the classic Buddhist mudras that are attributed to him.

Shakyamuni Buddha statues will commonly use the earth touching or “Bhumisparsha” mudra and also the protection or “Abhaya” mudra. The classic “earth touching” mudra is the mudra that Shakyamuni Buddha used as he was on the verge of enlightenment. Additionally, the protection mudra will provide devotees with a sense of fearlessness and devotion. These two mudras allow the viewer to positively identify the Theravada Buddha statue as a Shakyamuni Buddha statue. Therefore, Shakyamuni meditation statues offer devotees an opportunity to be inspired by the original Buddha and all of the virtues that he represented. Our Shakyamuni Buddha statues were handmade in Patan, Nepal by artisans using the lost wax method. You have the opportunity to buy Buddha statue online that was crafted with precision and dedication to detail. Get the best Buddha statue now delivered directly to your home with our satisfaction guarantee. 

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