Tibetan Offering Bowls

Tibetan Water Offering Bowls

A set of Tibetan water offering bowls will make an important component for your Buddhist altar. Generosity is considered to be most important parami (one of the perfections). The object of the Tibetan water offering is to stimulate and uphold this generous quality in yourself. This is because water is plentiful in Tibet and devotees are encouraged to be generous with their time and possessions just as if they were giving away water. As a result, our set of Tibetan water offering bowls is an important component of Buddhist symbolism and will help to strengthen your virtues.

Our Tibetan Water offering bowls are hand crafted by the world class artisans in Patan, Nepal. These craftsmen have been supplying the Tibetan monasteries with their Buddhist ritual items for many centuries. Therefore, when you buy a set of our Tibetan offering bowls you can rest assured you have spent your money on a world class item.

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