World Class Vajradhara Statues

A Vajradhara statue is an embodiment of the primordial Buddha who is also known as “Adi” Buddha. Vajradhara is a representation of wisdom as it exists in the universe. Similar to gravity, Buddhists believe that wisdom is also an important universal element that has always existed. As a Buddhist becomes a perfected being with diligent practice they can also begin to embody primordial wisdom.

Our Vajradhara statues are depicted with the ghanta (bell) and Vajra. Vajradhara emphasizes the joining of compassion and wisdom which are symbolized by the ghanta and Vajra. As a result, all our Vajradhara statues are shown with each symbol and hands crossed in front of his heart. It is the joining of compassion and wisdom that will allow devotees to eventually reach enlightenment.

Our Vajradhara Buddha statues are sculpted with intricate precision by world class artisans. These world renown sculptors use traditional methods that they have protected as family secrets for many centuries. Additionally, the Buddha statues made in Nepal have supplied the Tibetan monasteries for nearly a thousand years.

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