White Tara

When you are looking at a beautiful moon in the night sky you are seeing the glow of White Tara. This is because devotees believe that her symbolism glows with the ambience of a thousand white moons. In addition to her warm glow, White Tara statues are believed to emanate with longevity, compassion, healing and serenity. Each White Tara statue for sale is further enhanced with her 7 eyes situated on her brow, the palm of each hand and the sole of each foot plus two on her face. Therefore, all her thoughts and actions are imbued with the ultimate compassion and wisdom. Additionally, White Tara statues represent one of the three Tibetan deities of long life. As such reciting the White Tara mantra can increase longevity for devotees. Each White Tara Statue for sale was hand sculpted with intricate precision by world class artisans who have been in the profession for many generations. As a result, when you buy White Tara statues for sale here please rest assured you have procured a monastic quality sculpture.

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