White Tara

White Tara Statues for Sale

When you are looking at a beautiful moon in the night sky you are seeing the glow of our White Tara statues. This is because her devotees believe that White Tara symbolism glows with the ambience of a thousand white moons. In addition to her warm glow, White Tara statues are believed to emanate with longevity, compassion, healing and serenity. The White Tara meaning is further enhanced with her 7 eyes. Indeed all properly depicted White Tara statues will have an eye on the palm of each hand, the sole of each foot, two on her face and one on her brow. Therefore, all her thoughts and actions are imbued with the ultimate compassion and wisdom. White Tara is one of the 21 emanations of the Tara Bodhisattva. However, the White Tara meaning is unique and it is much different than the Green Tara story.

White Tara is intimately familiar with the emptiness phenomenon and she is also known as the “Cintachakra” (wish fulfilling wheel). Additionally, devotees believe she is the mother of all the Tathagatas (Buddhas). Her devotees are inspired by the White Tara mantra which will help to induce deep concentration. The White Tara Mantra is “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayurjnana Punye Pushting Svaha”. Devotees believe reciting her mantra will enable them to overcome obscurations and give them long life. Additionally, White Tara statues represent one of the three Tibetan deities of long life along with Namgyalma and Amitayus. All of our White Tara Statues are hand sculpted with intricate precision by world class artisans who have been in the profession for many generations.

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