Fully Gold Gilded 8" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 8" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Front Fully Gold Gilded 8" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Face Fully Gold Gilded 8" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Pedestal Base

Fully Gold Gilded 8″ Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish)

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Statue Identity: Chenrezig Buddha Statue (Antique Finish)
Product Dimensions: Height: 8″, Width: 6″

Production Method: Lost Wax method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Fully 24k Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 3000 grams
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Chenrezig is an embodiment of Avalokitesvara that is unique to Tibetan Buddhists. Therefore, our antique Chenrezig statue is depicted with 4 arms. In front of his chest he has 2 hands pressed together holding the “Cintamani”. This is known by Hindu and Buddhist devotees as the wish fulfilling jewel.

Additionally, in his upper right hand he is holding the mala beads between his thumb and index finger. This is because Chenrezig is constantly reciting his mantra to relieve the suffering of sentient life.  In his upper left hand he holds the stem of a blossoming lotus flower. The lotus flower is very significant in Buddhism. This is because in the natural environment the lotus flower rises above the murky pond to blossom above the surface in the clean air and sunshine. Metaphorically, this is the equivalent to a devotee rising above what is known as the “sea of suffering” also known as samsara to Buddhists.

This Chenrezig Buddha statue sits in full lotus pose on a double lotus pedestal. Additional features include the crown and jewels of the Bodhisattva. Also, Chenrezig is depicted with the third eye of wisdom between his brows. This symbol indicates that as a high level Bodhisattva he has the ability to see into a divine world. However, this special world is not visible to unenlightened sentient beings. Enlightened beings have perfected minds which are the result of insight wisdom. As such, this divine world becomes visible to them.

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