Fully Gold Gilded 8" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 8" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Front Fully Gold Gilded 8" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Face Fully Gold Gilded 8" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Pedestal Base

Fully Gold Gilded 8″ White Tara Statue (Antique Finish)

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Statue Identity: White Tara Statue (Antique Finish)
Product Dimensions: Height: 8″, Width: 6″

Production Method: Lost Wax method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Fully 24k Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 3000 grams
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Our beautiful White Tara statue was handmade using the lost wax sculpting method. However, the statue was also intricately hand painted by our Nepali master craftsman. As a result, her 7 eyes are painted with intricate precision. Additionally, the most ambient and symbolic quality of the statue is beautifully enlivened.

White Tara is also sculpted with two lovely lotus flowers growing over her shoulders. This will entice devotees to be dedicated to their Buddhist vows. If so, there are infinite rewards that await for them in the land of virtue and bliss. Indeed, the lotus flower has long been a symbol of the path that leads to enlightenment.

Antique White Tara Statue Special Features

This White Tara statue features an antique finish and she is also fully gilded in 24 karat gold. As a result, she has a special glow. Devotees of White Tara believe that she glows with the ambience of a thousand white moons. Therefore, the purchaser of this statue will take special meaning from her gold ambience. This is another authentic and deeply symbolic attribute of our handmade White Tara statues.

White Tara is also adorned with the crown and jewels of a Bodhisattva. Our sculptor took special care to intricately carve each detail of her crown and jewels. Additionally, in contrast with Green Tara our White Tara sits in a full lotus pose. Also, she is imbued with the traditional Ushnisha topknot and the 3 neck lines that were indicative of elevated social status in ancient India.

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