Partly Gold Gilded 12" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Front
Partly Gold Gilded 12" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Front Partly Gold Gilded 12" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Face Partly Gold Gilded 12" Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish) - Pedestal Base

Partly Gold Gilded 12″ Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish)

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Statue Identity: Chenrezig Buddha Statue (Antique Finish)
Product Dimensions: Height: 12″, Width: 8″

Production Method: Lost Wax method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Partly 24k Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 6000 grams
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Chenrezig Statue (Antique Finish)

Our Chenrezig statue features a venerable antique finish. Additionally, he is depicted with the crown and jewels of a Bodhisattva. Our artisan took special care to intricately design the details of these important attributes. The classic Chenrezig statue is also depicted with 4 arms. In his upper right hand he is holding the mala beads between his thumb and index finger. In his upper left hand he holds the beautiful lotus flower which blossoms over his shoulder. The remaining two hands are pressed reverently together in front of his chest. In between the palms he is holding the “Cintamani”  – wish fulfilling jewel. This jewel is of special significance to Buddhists and also Hindus. Devotees believe that the Bodhisattva who holds it can grant them special wishes.

This Chenrezig statue sits in full lotus pose on a double lotus pedestal. The lotus flower is very significant in Buddhist beliefs because it symbolizes the rewards of Nirvana. This is because the lotus flower grows out of the muddy pond bottom to blossom above the water in the clean air and sunshine.This important metaphor symbolizes the devoted Buddhist who is able to navigate through the sea of suffering (samsara) and obtain the fruits of enlightenment.

Additionally, the third eye of wisdom is depicted between the brows on his forehead. This indicates that Chenrezig is a high level Bodhisattva with the ability to see into a divine world. This divine world of insight wisdom can only be accessed through many lifetimes of dedication and practice.

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Made In Patan Nepal