Gold Gilded 7" Chuchepa Mahakala Statue (w/Consort) - Front
Gold Gilded 7" Chuchepa Mahakala Statue (w/Consort) - Front Gold Gilded 7" Chuchepa Mahakala Statue (w/Consort) - Right Gold Gilded 7" Chuchepa Mahakala Statue (w/Consort) - Left Gold Gilded 7" Chuchepa Mahakala Statue (w/Consort) - Back Gold Gilded 7" Chuchepa Mahakala Statue (w/Consort) - Without Frame

Gold Gilded 7″ Chuchepa Mahakala Statue (Yab Yum)

SGD 1,899.00 SGD 989.00

Statue Identity: Chuchepa Mahakala Statue w/Consort
Product Dimensions: Height: 7″ (w/ frame) 6.25″ (w/o frame), Width: 5.5″, Depth: 3.75″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24 Karat Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 3000 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal
Currency: Singapore Dollars

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Chuchepa Mahakala Statue

Chuchepa Mahakala is a wrathful deity in Vajrayana Buddhism. Devotees believe that Mahakala can grant them wishes, therefore he is worshiped in that regard. However, our Chuchepa Mahakala statue also portrays a dharmapala. Literally, dharmapala is a Sanskrit word that translates as “Dharma Defender”. As a result, he is a protector of the truth and also works feverishly to eliminate inner and outer obstacles to spiritual realization. Although his appearance is fearsome, he is an embodiment based on compassion and wisdom. Therefore, he only works for the benefit of sentient beings.

Chuchepa Mahakala Statue Features

Our Mahakala statue is loaded with virtuous attributes. In his right hand he holds the sword of wisdom which is drawn back over his right shoulder. This is a classic depiction of the annihilation of delusion and ignorance. Additionally our Chuchepa Mahakala statue is depicted in Yab Yum, which symbolizes the union of compassion and wisdom. The union of these two virtues are necessary for enlightenment. 

In his left hand, Mahakala holds the kapala. Kapala is another Sanskrit word that translates as “human skull”. This skull cup is a container used by wrathful deities to hold sacrificial offerings. Also, both he and his consort are depicted with 3 eyes. These 3 eyes represent knowledge of the past, present and future. Additionally, these 3 eyes symbolize the 3 kayas (bodies) of the Buddha – Sambhogakaya, Nirmanakaya and Dharmakaya. 

Although the symbolism of wrathful deities can appear violent, it is important to keep things in perspective. For example, our Chuchepa Mahakala statue is seen hovering over several human bodies which appear to have been trampled on. However, this is a potent metaphor for the death of negativity. Similar to a dead body, once negativity is eliminated it will not come back to life. Additionally, Mahakala is framed with the burning flames of penetrating awareness. This frame is removable and it can be adjusted according to your personal preference.

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Made In Patan Nepal