Fully Gold Gilded 10.25" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 10.25" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues - Front Fully Gold Gilded 10.25" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues - Back Fully Gold Gilded 10.25" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues - Left Fully Gold Gilded 10.25" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues - Right

Fully Gold Gilded Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues 10.25″

SGD 1,499.00 SGD 1,149.00

Statue Identity: Amitabha Buddha, Dhyana Mudra
Production Details
: Height: 10.25″, Width: 7″, Depth: 4″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Full 24k Gold Gild
Shipping Weight: 3500 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal
Currency: Singapore Dollars

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Pure Land Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues

The Pure Land celestial heaven named Sukhavati is the home of Amitabha. Amitabha Buddha had his sentient origins as a Prince who renounced his kingdom. After he disavowed attachment to earthly comforts he was eventually reborn as a bodhisattva named Dharmakara. As a result, he accumulated infinite merit in his countless bodhisattva lifetimes.

The Light of Sukhavati
Therefore, his Sukhavati is a heaven which is built on this foundation of merit and infinite light. Furthermore, the light that shines forth from Sukhavati has the power to remove defilements and temptation from sentient beings. The light that shines forth from this heaven is so powerful that Amitabha is known as the Buddha of “immeasurable light and life”. Our Amitabha Buddha Statues can be used as inspirational tools to strive for a divine rebirth. 

Shakyamuni Spoke Highly of Amitabha
Shakyamuni Buddha also had renounced his earthly kingdom and devoted his life to a higher cause. Therefore, the sentient origins of Amitabha are similar to Shakyamuni. The great merits of Amitabha are well known throughout Buddhism and even the great Shakyamuni has spoken highly of it. 

“The majestic glory of his light could not be exhaustively described if I praised it continuously, day and night, for the period of one kalpa.”

Pure Land Buddhism
In Pure Land Buddhist beliefs, Amitabha is one of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas who represents compassion and wisdom. Although all of the Dhyani Buddhas have their own pure lands, devotees hold Sukhavati in highest esteem. Additionally, Shakyamuni commented that sentient beings reborn into Sukhavati will be accompanied by bodhisattvas who are assured of achieving enlightenment.

Ambient Glow of Sukhavati
Our Amitabha Buddha Statues are crafted by the most venerable cast metal artisans in the world. The craftsman who created our statue elected to use an antiquated finish. As a result, the extra time and dedication it took to finish the statue is reflected in the gentle yet powerful ambient glow of our beautiful Amitabha Buddha statues. The glow is very fitting because the Pure Land of Amitabha lies in the west, where the sun sets in the earthly realm.

Dhyana Mudra & Vajra Pose
The classic mudra expressed by Amitabha is the Dhyana meditation mudra with the offering bowl placed in the palm of his right hand. He is seated in the full lotus pose which is known as the “vajra” or “diamond” pose.

Amitabha Mantra
Amitabha has promised that those who recite his mantra will come to Sukhavati – “om a-mi-ta-bha hrih”.  Perhaps our Amitabha Buddha Statues can be a focal point of inspiration for adherents of Pure Land Buddhism. All of our Buddha statues were crafted by the most renown metal caste families in the world. For many centuries the caste metal artisans of Patan have created monastic quality statues.

Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statues Made In Patan Nepal