Fully Gold Gilded 8.75″ Green Tara Statue On Sale!

$799.00 $499.00

Name: 8.75″ Green Tara Statue

Product Dimensions: Height: 8.75″ Width: 6.5″ Depth: 4.25″
Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy & Fully Gilded in 24 Karat Gold
Shipping Weight: Approx. 2500 grams
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal



Green Tara Statue

Green Tara statues hold different identities in Mahayana and also Vajrayana Buddhism. As a result, she is sometimes considered to be a female Bodhisattva and also a female Buddha depending on your perspective. The complexity of this deity seems to be derived from her identities as they are perceived in different countries. For example, she is known by many different names. Tara Bosatsu in Japan, sometimes as Duōluó Púsà in China and Jetsun Dölma in Tibet to site a few examples.

Tara is a generic term that is associated with the similar virtues of both Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Metaphorically speaking the Green Tara meaning is known as the “Buddha of enlightened activity”. As a result, she is known as the “Mother of Liberation”. She symbolizes having the courage to see things in new ways and move on to new things. Additionally, she is associated with compassion, healing and protection. Green Tara is the spiritual consort of Amoghasiddhi who is one of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas. Therefore, the owner of this Green Tara statue will be blessed in many ways. Other widely known forms of Tara include White Tara, Black Tara, Red Tara, Blue Tara and Yellow Tara.

The original Tara is believed to have originated as a teardrop that fell from the left eye of Avalokitesvara as he observed the suffering of sentient beings. As a result, she enticed Avalokitesvara to intercede in their pain and she would be his partner. It is believed that she was then reabsorbed into his left eye to be reborn at a later time as the Chinese Princess Wecheng. However, to this date it is still unclear to scholars whether the origins of Tara lie in Hindu or Buddhist theology. She is worshiped in both Buddhism and Shaktism (an early form of Hinduism).

We invite you to compare photos of our Green Tara statue and with those Buddha statues made by other artisans. The artisan that produced this fully gold gilded Green Tara statue comes from the most venerable metal casting family in Nepal. For centuries they have passed on the family secrets to create the best Bodhisattva and Buddha statues worldwide. Here is your opportunity to invest in a symbol of eternity. Additionally, the high quality craftsmanship will enable you to own it for many lifetimes and share with future generations.

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