Fully Gold Gilded 9" Medicine Buddha Statue - Left
Fully Gold Gilded 9" Medicine Buddha Statue - Right Fully Gold Gilded 9" Medicine Buddha Statue - Back Fully Gold Gilded 9" Medicine Buddha Statue - Front

Fully Gold Gilded 9″ Medicine Buddha Statues

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Statue Identity: Medicine Buddha or Bhaisajyaguru 
Product Dimensions
: Height: 9″, Width: 6″, Depth: 4″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Full 24k Gold Gild
Shipping Weight: 2500 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal
Currency: Singapore Dollars

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World Class Medicine Buddha Statues

Bhaisajyaguru is an iconic figure in Mahayana Buddhist beliefs. Also known as “Medicine Buddha”, our statue emanates with the compassion that serves as the spiritual ointment to cure all physical and mental affliction. However, there is no magical cure for sickness and disease. Buddhist devotees instead must practice meditation to remove the afflictions of attachment, ignorance and ill will. Because these 3 defilements are the evil core of all human affliction. Therefore, it is indeed possible to cure dukkha (human suffering) and heal yourself with the help of Buddhist practice. Our Medicine Buddha statues will be a spiritual aid and inspiration to all practitioners.

Monastic Quality Engravings
This Bhaisajyaguru Buddha statue was carved using the centuries old secrets of the Patan master craftsman. As a result, the same monastic quality Medicine Buddha statues can be procured for personal use. This statue contains the most elegant robe engravings that I have ever seen. Please observe the gentle folds and the graceful elegance that are patiently imbued by its creator.

Dhyana & Varada Mudras
Our venerable Bhaisajyguru statue is expressing the classic mudras of Medicine Buddha. In his right hand, he gently holds the stem of a sacred myrobalan plant between his index finger and thumb. It signifies that this sacred plant is made available for all to remove the source of dukkha. The right hand also expresses the Varada mudra also known as the “boon granting mudra”. Indeed our Medicine Buddha statues offer the teachings of the dharma to all who suffer. 

Furthermore, Bhaisajyaguru has the back of his left hand gently resting on his lap expressing the meditation mudra. The offering bowl of the monastic monk sits in the palm of his hand filled with the 3 nectars. These 3 precious nectars represent that the cure for suffering rests on the foundation of meditation practice and dedication.

Kathmandu Shakya Artisans
Certainly all art lovers will admire the gentle elegance and confidence expressed in our Medicine Buddha statue. As a result of centuries of craft dedication the Shakya artisans of the Kathmandu valley in Nepal still produce the best Buddha statues in the world. When you purchase this Bhaisajyguru Buddha statue you have brought home an ancient relic that still decorates the Tibetan monasteries. All of our Nepalese cast metal statues are on sale for limited time only with free international shipping.

Buddha Statues Made In Patan, Nepal