"Goddess of Mercy" Statue with Pink Ribbons - Right
"Goddess of Mercy" Statue with Pink Ribbons - Right "Goddess of Mercy" Statue with Pink Ribbons - Left "Goddess of Mercy" Statue with Pink Ribbons - Back "Goddess of Mercy" Statue with Pink Ribbons - Front

Ceramic Hand Carved “Goddess of Mercy” Statue with Pink Ribbons

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Statue Identity: Crowned “Goddess of Mercy” Statue with Pink Ribbons
Additional Features: Seated on Pink Lotus, Unopened Lotus Flowers
Product Dimensions
: Length: 17cm, Width: 17cm, Height: 27cm, Weight: 3kg

Production Method: Kiln Fired, Hand Sculpted, Hand Painted
Production Material: Ceramic

Shipping Weight: 5.5kg
Product Origin: China
Currency: Singapore Dollars

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Ceramic “Goddess of Mercy” Statue

This “Goddess of Mercy” statue was expertly hand crafted by our artisans and given the true essence of a goddess. The elegance of the pink ribbon gracefully wraps around her shoulders and crosses over her lap. Additionally, every aspect of detail is intricately hand carved into the statue. Nothing is overlooked from the tips of her long fingernails to the beads in her jewelry. All the details of the statue are easily observable and they are depicted in plain view. As a result, it was not necessary to use any gloss and the statue radiates with the virtuous elegance of Guanyin.   

Pink Lotus Pedestal
Our lovely “Goddess of Mercy” statue is seated on a pink lotus pedestal with one leg pulled in for meditative contemplation. However, her right leg is upright with her foot flat on the pedestal. Therefore, she expresses meditative contemplation but at the same time she is always ready to rise and provide assistance to her devotees.

Pure Land “Sukhavati”
Guanyin devotees in China believe that when their life ends they are placed in the heart of a pink lotus. From within the pink lotus they are then transported to Amitabha’s pure land of Sukhavati. Therefore, the unopened lotus flowers that surround this “Goddess of Mercy” statue symbolize the rewards of Sukhavati. The sonorous and visual bliss of Amitabha’s Pure Land wait for them inside the unopened pink lotus.

Jewelry Adorns the “Goddess of Mercy” Statue
The eloquent jewelry that adorns the “Goddess of Mercy” statue is imbued with special significance. Most notably, she has a depiction of Amitabha Buddha in the center of her crown. Amitabha was a very influential mentor of the young Avalokitesvara (Guanyin). Additionally, he is always there to provide assistance so Guanyin may honor her vow to relieve the suffering of all sentient life.

Her necklace is a string of beads and each bead is given the elegance of a pearl by the skilled artisan who created this beautiful sculpture. Each bead symbolizes the struggle of sentient life and she calls upon Amitabha for their succor.

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