Fully Gold Gilded 9.75″ Chenrezig Bodhisattva Statue

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Name: 9.75″ Chenrezig Bodhisattva Statue On Sale

Product Dimensions: Height: 9.75″, Width: 6.5″, Depth: 4.5″
Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy & Fully 24 Karat Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 2500 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal



Chenrezig Bodhisattva Statue On Sale

In Tibet, Chenrezig is believed to be an incarnation of Avalokitesvara. Also, Chenrezig represents the compassion of all Buddhas and is therefore known as the “Bodhisattva of Compassion”. Furthermore, he is believed to be the earthly manifestation of Amitabha – the Buddha of infinite light. The many arms of Avalokitesvara statues are one of the most widely recognized figures of Buddhism. As a result, his multi armed features are also seen in Japanese Kannon statues and as Chinese Guanyin.

Our Chenrezig Bodhisattva statue is depicted with two of his hands pressed together in front of his chest. In between his hands he is holding the wish fulfilling jewel of enlightenment called the “citamani”.  The citamani is perceived by devotees to manifest itself as whatever the devotee is praying for.  Furthermore, the clasped hands show his deep respect for Amitabha. In his upper left hand he holds a lotus in full bloom. The lotus flower is very symbolic in Buddhism as it encourages devotees to rise above the murky challenges of existence and express compassion for all life. Additionally, in his upper right hand he is holding the “mala” which is also known as the Buddhist rosary beads. Chenrezig continuously counts them to show his constant state of compassion for the world.

The compassion of Avalokitesvara is so vast that he once promised to forgo awakening until all the miserable beings of the world were enlightened. As a result, his head split and he blew up into thousands of pieces. Fortunately, Amitabha came to his assistance and put him back together again. Additionally, Amitabha recreated Avalokitesvara with many heads and arms so he could work harder to save all sentient life from misery. Our Chenrezig Bodhisattva statue has 4 arms and one head. However, other Chenrezig statues can have a thousand arms and sometimes many heads. Additionally, embodiment’s of Avalokitesvara can be depicted in either male or female form.

Our Chenrezig Bodhisattva statue was constructed by the best master craftsman in the world. For many centuries the master artisans of Patan, Nepal have protected their caste secrets and passed them down. As a result, this Chenrezig Bodhisattva statue will last for many lifetimes and can be passed down for generations.

Chenrezig Bodhisattva Statue
Chenrezig Bodhisattva Statue 

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