Fully Gold Gilded 8.75" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 8.75" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Right Fully Gold Gilded 8.75" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Left Fully Gold Gilded 8.75" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Back

Fully Gold Gilded 8.75″ Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

SGD 1,899.00 SGD 1,319.00

Statue Identity: Shakyamuni Buddha, Bhumisparsha + Dhyana Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 8.75″, Width: 7″, Depth: 5″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Full Gold Gilded
Shipping weight: 2500 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal
Currency: Singapore Dollars

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World Class Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

This Shakyamuni Buddha statue is the original Buddha, he is the first one in our time to discover the Dharma and achieve awakening. Additionally, when he reached the stage of enlightenment he overcame the temptations of Mara the evil demon. The evil Mara tried to tempt Shakyamuni with earthly delights and induce him to give up. Fortunately, Shakyamuni was not afraid and his concentration did not falter.

Calling The Earth to Witness
The classic Bhumisparsha mudra is depicted by our majestic Shakyamuni Buddha statue. In English, Bhumisparsha means “calling the earth to witness”. The Buddha made the touching earth gesture and called the earth goddess to witness his overcoming of the temptation of Mara. Then the earth goddess appeared and she washed away the demon. As a result, the Buddha shared his wisdom with mankind and he showed us the path to awakening.

The Golden Rice Bowl
In the palm of his left hand our Shakyamuni is holding the rice bowl. Also, know as the offering bowl, alms bowl or “Gupta”. In Buddhism, the alms bowl is very significant. As a result, it can be large, small or medium size.

The alms bowl is commonly held by Buddhist monks who hold the bowl to receive donations from the Buddhist layman. An alms bowl signifies the defeat of attachment. For example, while Shakyamuni was meditating under the Bodhi tree he was given a golden bowl full of rice. However, he took the rice out of the bowl and threw the gold bowl into the river. Next, he divided the rice into portions equal to the days remaining until his enlightenment.

Descendants of the Shakya Clan
Shakyamuni was once known as Prince Siddhartha and he was a member of the Shakya lineage. The word Shakya is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit word Sakya – it translates as the “one who is capable”.  Ironically, this is the same Shakya clan of the world renown cast metal artisans in Patan, Nepal.

Additionally, the Shakya lineage specializes in working with gold. As a result, when you buy our Shakyamuni Buddha statue it is conceivable that the craftsman who made it are distant descendants of Prince Siddhartha! Therefore, the Shakya clan takes their work very seriously especially when they are creating a Shakyamuni Buddha statue.

World Class Sculpture

All of our Buddha and bodhisattva statues are on sale now for a limited time. Additionally, our statues were created using the traditional lost wax method. The cast metal sculpting secrets held by the Shakya lineage has been passed down for centuries. As a result, our world class Buddha statues will last many lifetimes and can be passed on for generations.

Fully Gold Gilded 8.75" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Made In Patan Nepal