Oxidized Copper 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Front
Oxidized Copper 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Front Oxidized Copper 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Back Oxidized Copper 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Left Oxidized Copper 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Right

Oxidized Copper 9″ Guru Rinpoche Statue (Padmasambhava)

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Statue Identity: Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue, Padmasambhava
Product Dimensions: Height: 9″ Width: 6″ Depth: 4″

Shipping Weight: Approx. 2500 grams
Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Materials Used: Copper Alloy, Oxidized Copper Alloy
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Our Guru Rinpoche Buddha statue depicts the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. The Tantric school was brought to Tibet from India in the 8th century ACE by Guru Rinpoche. As a result, he is a highly venerated figure among Tibetan Buddhists.

There is a historical account of a Guru Rinpoche however, what is written in history is very limited. Indeed, his spiritual background is very rich. Additionally, he is also known as Padmasambhava, which means “lotus born”. This is because he claimed to be born in the pure land of Oddiyana. Similar to Guru Rinpoche, this spiritual land has a historical accounting but is also a pure land of mythical origin.

Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue Features:

Our Guru Rinpoche Buddha statue is depicted with the khatvanga leaning against his left shoulder. Additionally, on the tip of the khatvanga are the three impaled heads of the 3 kayas desire, form and formlessness. Also, the khatvanga is tipped with a small trident.

In the palm of his left hand he holds his vessel of immortality which is filled with the elixir of eternal life. Other symbolic tools include the mythical vajra which was the preferred weapon of the Vedic deity Indra. The vajra is very symbolic in religions of Indian origin. In Sanskrit, vajra translates as thunderbolt or diamond. It is a symbol of war that was won in battle. However spiritually, it represents the indestructibility of virtue.

Our Guru Rinpoche Buddha statue was handmade using the lost wax method. As a result, the statue portrays all its attributes in intricate detail, including his robe. Additionally, the statue features an oxidized finish which creates an antiquated look. However, a lighter touch still allows the intricate detail of the statue to be appreciated.

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