Fully 24k Gold Gilded 9" Guru Rinpoche Statue (Padmasambhava) - Front
Fully 24k Gold Gilded 9" Guru Rinpoche Statue (Padmasambhava) - Front Fully 24k Gold Gilded 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Right Fully 24k Gold Gilded 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Left Fully 24k Gold Gilded 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Face Fully 24k Gold Gilded 9" Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue (Padmasambhava) - Back

Fully Gold Gilded 9″ Guru Rinpoche Statue (Padmasambhava)

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Statue Identity: Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue, Padmasambhava
Product Dimensions: Height w/khatvanga: 10″, Height w/o khatvanga: 9″ Width: 6″ Depth: 4.5″

Shipping Weight: Approx. 2500 grams
Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Hand Made
Materials Used: Copper Alloy, Fully Gilded 24k Gold
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue

Our Guru Rinpoche Buddha statue also goes by the name of “Padmasambhava”. The Guru has both a mythical and historical background. Although he has a presence in the historical records, his mythical and spiritual background is immense in comparison.

Both accounts of his life acknowledge that he came to Tibet in the 8th century A.C.E. at the request of the Tibetan king. The purpose of his visit was to help establish Buddhism in Tibet. He was very successful and is now known as the father of Tibetan Buddhism. However, the means by which he accomplished his task are very mythical in nature.

Padmasambhava is derived from “padma” which is an alternate name for the sacred lotus flower. Guru Rinpoche claims to have been born from a lotus flower in the land of Oddiyana. Additionally, he has magical powers that can overcome spirits who oppose the progression of Tantric Buddhism.

Our Guru Rinpoche Buddha statue (Padmasambhava) was created by the master artisans of Patan, Nepal. The characteristics of the statue were hand made using the lost wax method. As a result, the statue is portrayed in intricate detail and it is a limited edition original.

Guru Rinpoche Buddha Statue Features

Tibetan Buddhists believe he is an embodiment of Amitabha Buddha. In his left hand he holds the vessel filled with the nectar of immortality. This is because devotees have been taught that he has obtained immortality. Instead of death he is believed to have left the earthly realm on the rays of the sun with his consort. As a result, he is believed to be affiliated with the Amitabha’s longevity attribute – Aparmita.

Our Guru Rinpoche Buddha statue is depicted with his khatvanga leaning against his left shoulder. On top of the khatvanga are the 3 skulls of the kayas (bodies). These bodies are desire, form and formlessness. Furthermore, the Guru holds the vajra in his right hand. The vajra is very symbolic in ancient India and it translates from Sanskrit as “diamond or thunderbolt”. It is a symbol of indestructible virtue.

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Made In Patan Nepal