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Partly Gold Gilded 9″ Manjushri Buddha Statue

SGD 959.00 SGD 549.00

Statue Identity: Manjushri, Abhaya Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 9″, Width: 6.75″, Depth: 4.25″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Partly 24k Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 2500 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Manjushri Buddha Statue

Our Manjushri Buddha statue is the embodiment of “panna” the pali word for wisdom. Panna is the highest form of wisdom known as insight knowledge. Insight knowledge permeates the teachings of Gautama Buddha and it is the last step before awakening. As a result, the wisdom held by Manjushri is essential to understand the true nature of things. Additionally, Manjushri’s wisdom is very significant because it belongs to Vajradhara. Vajradhara is the primordial Buddha who is also known as Adi Buddha.

Symbolism of Manjushri’s Sword
The image of Buddhist wisdom in our Manjushri Buddha statue is seen in the flaming sword held in his right hand. Although our Manjushri Buddha statues are very bold in pose, this is misleading. Therefore, it is important not to confuse the gallantry of Manjushri with the western concept of chivalry. As a result, our Manjushri statue represents the nonviolent annihilation of ignorance. The annihilation of ignorance is elegant and not done with brute force. This is similar to themes concerning wisdom that are taught in Hindu. Thus, to paraphrase a Western platitude and sum it up “grace over brawn”.

The Book of Transcendent Wisdom
Our Manjushri Buddha statue is holding the stem of a blue lotus between the index finger and thumb of his left hand. The blue lotus is surmounted by the book of transcendent wisdom and blossoms over his left shoulder. Additionally, with his left hand he is depicting the Abhaya mudra in front of his heart. This mudra symbolizes protection and fearlessness. Devotees are inspired to fearlessly develop “panna” and follow the Dharma path.

Manjushri Mantra
Manjushri is frequently portrayed as very young, although he is not a youth. This is because wisdom awakens the devotee and they see the world anew.
Practicing meditation and acquiring insight knowledge can propagate eternal youth. To renew your worldly perspective and enhance insight knowledge recite the Manjushri mantra:

“om arapacana dhih”

The Best Master Craftsman
Our Manjushri Buddha statues are on sale now for a limited time only. Additionally, we offer free international shipping on all statues. Our Buddha statues are sculpted by the best master craftsman in Patan, Nepal who have been in the business for many generations. When you buy a Manjushri Buddha statue it will last many lifetimes and can be passed down to generation after generation!

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