Fully Gold Gilded 14" Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade) - Gallery
Fully Gold Gilded 14" Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade) - Gallery Fully Gold Gilded 14" Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade) - Right Fully Gold Gilded 14" Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade) - Left Fully Gold Gilded 14" Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade) - Face Detail Fully Gold Gilded 14" Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade) - Back

Fully Gold Gilded 14″ Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade)

SGD 5,489.00 SGD 3,339.00

Statue Identity: Vajrasattva Statue
Product Dimensions: Height: 14″, Width: 9″, Depth: 6″

Production Method: Lost Wax method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Fully 24k Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 5000 grams
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Our Nepali master artisan created our beautiful Vajrasattva statue with the jewelry and crown of a Bodhisattva. At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to adorn the crown and jewels of the statue with turquoise or red stones. At no extra charge, the skilled artisan can embellish the statue with these special decorations before delivery.

The color turquoise is a special combination of blue and green. Indeed, blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes their readiness to act. Additionally, devotees meditating on the color red can transform the delusion of attachment into the wisdom of discernment. This Vajrasattva statue will wear the adornments very well and they will inspire all those who lay their eyes on your new statue.

Vajrasattva Statue is the Sambhogakaya

Our Vajrasattva statue is a depiction of the Sambhogakaya embodiment of the primordial Buddha – Vajradhara. In Mahayana Buddhist beliefs, the Sambhogakaya is one of the three Buddha bodies of the “Trikaya” known as the “subtle body of limitless form”. Theoretically, Buddhas and high level Bodhisattvas can use the Sambhogakaya to take any form necessary. As a result, they tend to use the embodiment that is most appropriate for their target audience.

This Vajrasattva statue portrays Vajradhara and he is the embodiment of enlightenment. Therefore, it is important that he is depicted holding the primary elements of enlightenment. As a result, the vajra is in his right hand and the ghanta bell is in his left. The vajra is a ritual tool and it is also a weapon used in war. Additionally, the English translation of the Sanskrit word Vajra is diamond and also thunderbolt. Vajrasattva is depicted with the diamond symbol carved into the soles of his feet and he holds the traditional vajra in his hand.Click here to learn more about the limitless forms of Vajrasattva.

Vajrasattva Portrays the Essence of the Buddhas

An additional meaning of the vajra is that it symbolizes compassion and skillful means. These are masculine attributes that when joined with the ghanta symbolize enlightenment. The ghanta (bell) that he is holding in his left hand is the symbol for the feminine attribute of wisdom. It is the joining of compassion and wisdom that results in enlightenment. Therefore, the meaning of the statue is portrayed as enlightenment which is the essence of Buddhahood. This is most appropriate for a Sambhogakaya embodiment of Vajradhara the Primordial Buddha.

Vajrasattva Mantra:

“Om Vajrasattva Hum”

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