Oxidized Copper 15.25" Chenrezig Statue Gold Face Painted - Front
Oxidized Copper 15.25" Chenrezig Statue Gold Face Painted - Front Oxidized Copper 15.25" Chenrezig Statue Gold Face Painted - Right Oxidized Copper 15.25" Chenrezig Statue Gold Face Painted - Left Oxidized Copper 15.25" Chenrezig Statue Gold Face Painted - Back

Oxidized Copper 15.25″ Chenrezig Statue Gold Face Painted

SGD 3,099.00 SGD 1,859.00

Statue Identity: Chenrezig Statue, Tibetan Avalokitesvara
Product Dimensions: Height: 15.25″, Width: 12″ , Depth: 9″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Gold Face Painted
Production Materials: Oxidized Copper Alloy, Gold
Shipping Weight: 8000 grams approx.
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Our oxidized copper Chenrezig statue is the Tibetan incarnation of Avalokitesvara. As a result, he is a prominent component of Tibetan Buddhist teachings. Indeed, Chenrezig represents the compassion of the Buddhas. Therefore, he is also known as the “Bodhisattva of Compassion”. Chenrezig has vowed to forego becoming a Buddha until the suffering of all sentient life has ceased. The Chenrezig mantra is essential for purification of the body, speech and mind. Therefore, the statue depicts the 108 mala beads in his upper right hand because he is constantly reciting his mantra to ease the suffering of the world.

Chenrezig Mantra:

“Om Mani Padme Hum”

Chenrezig Statue Features

Our Chenrezig statue is featured with 4 arms and he wears the crown and jewels of a Bodhisattva. In his upper left hand he holds the stem of the lotus flower between his index finger and thumb. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment. As the flower rises out of the murky water to blossom in the fresh air and sunshine, so does a devotee who has passed through the sea of suffering to become enlightened.

Chenrezig sits in double lotus pose on a double lotus pedestal. The rich and lustrous oxidized copper mixes well with the fine details of the statue. An additional attribute of the Chenrezig statue is the cintamani jewel between his pressed hands. Chenrezig’s devotees believe that the cintamani will grant them whatever they wish for. Click here to learn more about Avalokiteshvara statues.

Additionally, Chenrezig wears the ushnisha topknot and also features the depiction of Amitabha Buddha adorns the top. This is a true testament to the intimate affiliation between Amitabha Buddha and Avalokitesvara.

Special Adornments at your Request

At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to adorn the crown and jewels of the Chenrezig statue with turquoise and red stones. At no extra charge, the skilled artisan can embellish the statue with these special decorations before delivery.

The color turquoise is a special combination of blue and green. Indeed, blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes Vajrasattva’s readiness to act. Additionally, red is the color which pays tribute to Amitabha Buddha. Chenrezig wears it well and will inspire all those who lay their eyes on the statue.

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