Partly Gold Gilded 18″ Green Tara Buddha Statue

$3,750.00 $2,889.00

Name: 18″ Green Tara Statue On Sale

Product Dimensions: Height: 18″, Width: 12.5″, Depth: 10″
Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy with Partly 24 Karat Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 10,000 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal



Green Tara Buddha Statue On Sale

Our Green Tara Buddha statue reflects the compassion of female Buddhists worldwide. In fact, as a bodhisattva Tara disdained the advice of the sangha to be reincarnated as a male. Furthermore, she vowed to only accept rebirth as a female until there were more female Buddhas.

Additionally, the color green signifies her constant state of readiness. This is reflected in the partially extended right leg which lies over the edge of her single lotus sitting platform. Thus, Green Tara is always ready to come to the assistance of all sentient life.

The sacred mudras depicted by her show that her endless compassion and generosity have no bounds. Therefore, her right hand is gracefully lying over her right leg expressing the “gift giving mudra” also known as Varada. Also, her left hand is held near her heart expressing the classic protection or Dhyana mudra. Thus, Green Tara wishes to protect those seeking insight knowledge and the elimination of ignorance.

Additionally, between the thumb and index finger of each hand she gently holds the stems of lotus flowers which grow over her shoulders. The blossoming flower over her right shoulder signifies the beauty of a Lotus blossom rising above earthly defilements. She yearns to assist all of those who wish to vanquish ill will, attachment and ignorance. The unopened lotus flower over her left shoulder encourages devotees to strive for the purity that awaits sentient life in Nibbana.

This Nepalese sculptor adorned our beautiful Green Tara Buddha statue with the jewels and crown of a bodhisattva. Although some Buddhists believe that she is a fully fledged Buddha. Additionally, the skilled artisans of Patan have taken special care to embed beautiful turquoise stones into her jewelry. It is no accident that turquoise is a combination of blue/green. Blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes her readiness to act. She wears it well and will inspire all those who lay their eyes on her statue.

All of our Green Tara Buddha statues were hand crafted by the world class artisans of Patan, Nepal. For a thousand years the 3 metal working castes have protected their secrets well. As a result, the same majestic quality statues that have adorned the monasteries in Tibet are available for devotees worldwide. All of our Buddha statues come with free shipping and are on sale now for limited time only.

Green Tara Buddha StatueGreen Tara Buddha Statue