Fully Gold Gilded 15″ Shakyamuni Statue

$2,170.00 $1,689.00

Name: 15″ Shakyamuni Statue On Sale

Product Dimensions: Height: 15″, Width: 10.5″, Depth: 8.5″
Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy with Fully 24 Karat Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 7000 grams approx.
Product Origin: Patan, Nepal




Shakyamuni Statue On Sale

The Shakyamuni statue is fully gilded in 24 karat gold and shines with the light of the original Buddha. As a result, our Shakyamuni Buddha statue is reminiscent of the Tibetan monasteries. In fact, the same artisans that have supplied the monasteries throughout Asia are based in Patan Nepal. The 3 main caste families of Patan are all experts who have protected the family secrets for centuries. Additionally, our cast metal Buddha statues are hand crafted using the lost wax method. It is only possible to obtain the finely sculpted details and human features evident in our statues by using the hand crafted sculpting technique.

In classic pose that is highly correlated with an original Shakyamuni, our statue expresses the Bhumisparsha mudra. Additionally, he sits on a single lotus throne and depicts the meditation or Dhyana mudra with the left hand. These two mudras are omnipresent in Buddhist art because they reflect the Buddha vanquishing the earthly defilements by using the perfected practice of meditation. Therefore, the statue inspires all devotees who lay their eyes upon it.

Additionally, our Shakyamuni Buddha statue is dressed in monastic robes that drape over his shoulders. The elegant detail in the carvings is reflected throughout the full length of the garments. The fine detail and high quality of work is a testament to the talents and venerability of the Shakya caste in Patan, Nepal. Furthermore, Shakyamuni has the alms bowl of a monastic monk in the palm of his left hand. Inside the bowl are the metaphorical nectars that he used to defeat the earthly defilements which appeared in the form of the demon Mara as he approached the door to Nirvana.

This Shakyamuni statue sits in the full lotus pose, The pose is significant because it signifies the indestructible nature of perfect practice. As a result, the full lotus is also known as the Vajra. Vajra translates as lightening bolt or diamond and reflects the strength of the full lotus. All devotees can gain inspiration from the teachings and confidence reflected in our Shakyamuni statue.

Our online gallery has many examples of the elegant craftsmanship of the artisans we work with in Patan, Nepal. Rest assured that when you purchase one of our Buddha statues, you are getting a monastic quality statue what was sculpted by the best metal working artists in the world. For centuries, the Shakya clan has specialized in gold gilded metal artwork. All of our Shakyamuni statues are on sale now for limited time only and come with free international shipping.

Shakyamuni StatueShakyamuni Statue